Where Rock meets Classical and more!
Imagine Andre Rieu with a guitar
Imagine Steve Grant from Barok

Absolutely love it!

Rick Wakeman, Keyboard Player / Composer

Amazing! Eurotrash destroys Mozart (Puccini, Verdi, Wagner, whoever). 
Definitely a guilty pleasure (watch out for the four ballerinas).

John Cameron, Composer / Arranger / Conductor

Classical music's greatest hits given the Barok treatment!
Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news!

Such a unique idea, such an entertaining show and such a killer guitarist.
They should be Barok-ing all over the world!

Richard Pilkington, BLACKHEART + Musician / Songwriter

Quite an act, most impressive.
Daniel Wiles, TV Director / Producer on South Bank Show & Much More

Oh my gosh - we think they are delightfully terrific! 
The quality of musical expertise as well as costumes and theatrics leads people of all ages to the
joy and realization of the connection between many periods of history.

Tim and Carlene Wadley, Directors of Die Musikzimmer for 38 years in Arlington, TX, USA, 
which is an organization that trains people in the musical arts,  highly recommend  Barok.